Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Welcome to the I've got you Babe blog!!

March 5, 2013

First I want to say thanks so much for following me through my column in the Brandon Sun's Community news for the last three years! Unfortunately for me the Brandon Sun is introducing some exciting new columns and "I've got you Babe," was on the chopping block. Keep a look out though for some great new material in the Community News!! You can check out the Community News for free through the Brandon Sun's website at brandonsun.com (scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

It's not the first job I've lost as a freelance writer, in fact, it's pretty inevitable, but I have to say I was enormously sad to not have the venue to write about my trails and tribulations raising my daughter every week. So here I am at ivegotyoubaby.blogspot.com writing my first blog! (When you're searching, look for i've got you baby at blog spot!) I will still pen a once weekly blog about what's going on in my world of parenting, appearing every Wednesday. The exciting new thing about writing this blog as I can post pictures and include some of your feedback. Of course I get the pleasure of writing about my child every week, but it's my goal to relate to my readers and engage them with my personal experiences of being a mom.

It's the hardest, most wonderful experience raising a child. I look forward to being a part of your reading every week and I would love to hear your feedback!!

You can post comments in the blog or email me at kyla@lilbitbaby.ca.

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